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Mental Health Friendly Holiday Gift Ideas

A little divergent from what therapists usually write about for holiday preparation, today I’m giving gift ideas and associated links* for gifts that are therapeutic in nature and/or are in support of mental health.  I’m in full support of gifting to oneself as well, so hopefully you’ll also find some items on this list to treat yourself to!  Happy shopping and Happy Holidays.

Calm App Subscription – Available in your smartphone app store, the calm app is great for guided meditation and sleep, as well as has an ‘emergency calm’ section.  https://www.calm.com/gift-card

Weighted Blanket – Weighted blankets can be great for anxiety management, as many find them to be quite grounding.   https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/home-products/blanket-reviews/a24734005/best-weighted-blankets/

Journal – Gifting a journal can encourage self-expression and provide a container for ones’ thoughts, hopes, and dreams.  Moreover, a journal makes a nice holiday gift that works for any age and gender.      https://www.getyourfaceinabook.com/

Guided Journal – For those who may prefer prompts versus the blank pages of a traditional journal, a guided journal can be a nice option.  I suggest the ACT Daily Journal, which has a short chapter/ lesson and then reflection questions, all based on the therapeutic approach called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy   https://www.newharbinger.com/9781684037377/act-daily-journal/

Grounding Cards – Designed by a psychotherapist, grounding cards are a deck of cards, detailing a suggestion and then instructions for a coping skill/ something that can be grounding.  Examples are progressive muscle relaxation, listening to music, and taking a walk.  These cards may provide your gift recipient new ideas and/or help when they’re feeling emotionally dysregulated.    https://groundingcards.com/

Mixed Emotions Cards – Mixed Emotions Cards are a deck of cards with feelings words and corresponding art.  They can be helpful for the recipient to identify how they are feeling at a given time, help expand their vocabulary around feelings words (moving beyond sad, mad, glad), or to gain more clarity around a problem they’re encountering.  https://www.mixed-emotions.com/

Essential Oils and Diffuser – Many find the scent of lavender relaxing.  One can create the scent of their own ‘spa experience’ at home, which can calm the nervous system.  Oils are also portable (some even come in roll-on formula) and can help provide some relief while at work or school.  https://www.nytimes.com/wirecutter/reviews/best-essential-oil-diffusers/

Yoga Mat  – Yoga and meditation are great for mental health. ‘Shop local’ by checking out the mat and apparel selection at Zuda Yoga in midtown Sacramento  https://zudayoga.com/   

Pillow Pet – Turning a photo of your beloved pet into a pillow can be a fun and comforting gift.  Special note to parents of teens in college or going to college soon.   https://www.etsy.com/listing/1037756017/custom-pet-pillow-personalized-pillow?gpla=1&gao=1&&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=shopping_us_-home_and_living&utm_custom1=_k_CjwKCAjwwL6aBhBlEiwADycBIMvV8EWK3apEGbkj_gIHeDfoSIZMqsi2-QtQM1X33wFBfx-kv3guYBoCtL0QAvD_BwE_k_&utm_content=go_17434234701_144283651144_602523314340_pla-303628061699_c__1037756017_544382529&utm_custom2=17434234701&gclid=CjwKCAjwwL6aBhBlEiwADycBIMvV8EWK3apEGbkj_gIHeDfoSIZMqsi2-QtQM1X33wFBfx-kv3guYBoCtL0QAvD_BwE

Lightbox Therapy – Dealing with seasonal affective disorder/ seasonal depression?  One of the main treatment recommendations is using a lightbox (a special kind of bright light) for 20-30 minutes first thing each morning in the Fall and Winter months.  Here are a couple that have been recommended:  https://northernlighttechnologies.com/sad-light-store/boxelite-desk-lamp-2

https://northernlighttechnologies.com/sad-light-store/boxelite-desk-lamp#    For more information about seasonal depression, please check out my recent blog post on the subject:  https://hopeintherapy.com/do-you-get-depressed-during-fall-and-winter-months/

Conscious Steps Socks – These colorful and patterned trouser socks have about 15 different charitable causes you can have a portion of the purchase price go to, including one that supports mental health specifically  https://consciousstep.com/collections/support-mental-health

*none of these links are sponsored; writer does not get any financial gain from suggesting these items, rather they are my personal and professional recommendations


If you want tips for managing and enjoying the holidays, please check out this archived blog entry of mine: https://hopeintherapy.com/tips-for-managing-and-enjoying-the-holidays/