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The [Photo] Album To Make On Your Phone Today

If you’re anything like me, you take photos on your smartphone most days, even if it’s just a screenshot of an address you have to get to, or a photo of your pet sleeping peacefully (guilty!).  

Well, today’s idea is for you to organize those photos a little.  What if you made different folders in the Albums section in your smartphone that you might title “inspiration”, “blue day file”, “encouragement”, or “good stuff” wherein you can hand pick the photos to look back on when you are having a hard time.   

This is an idea for adults and teens alike, is something I often suggest in sessions at my office, and is something I’ve found useful personally as well.  


Here are some ideas to get you started as to what you might want to include in your new album:

-pictures or short videos of loved ones, including pets, especially ones that may make you smile, laugh, or remember good times

-pictures of places you like and where you feel calm or good, such as a vacation spot, a space in your house, spaces in nature such as the woods or the ocean, etc. 

-screenshots of encouraging or complimentary texts you’ve received

-take photos of physical items you receive, such as a certificate of achievement, a trophy, diploma, a nice greeting card or note received, etc

-screenshots or saves of inspirational or encouraging quotes you find on Instagram, Facebook, or other places online. (Need inspiration?  Check out my business Instagram page at https://www.instagram.com/suegoetzlcsw/)

-write notes to yourself in you phone’s ‘notes’ section and screenshot those. These notes to self can be words of encouragement or pep talks that you create when you’re feeling better that you can access when you’re having a hard time. Since it can be hard to access rational thought when you’re feeling irrational (eg, when you’re in heightened anxiety) or believe that you will ever feel better, and so a note from your more grounded self can help in those times. (Learn more about anxiety at https://hopeintherapy.com/when-anxiety-attacks/)

-pictures of physical papers / worksheets we may have done together in therapy, be it a list of coping skills, a safety plan, or anything you can associate with feeling good at a therapy appointment. 

-screenshots of song lyrics you like and that might perk you up or inspire you in challenging moments. 


You might find looking at your new photo album(s) can be helpful in several circumstances. You might also find that creating separate albums might be something you like, such as one for funny things [to cheer you up] and one for encouraging things [to ease anxiety]. I’m sure you can think of lots of ideas, so I encourage you to do what you’d like best. 

Look through your album….

-when you’re anxious

-before a test or presentation

-when you’re feeling lonely

-when something crappy just happened 

-when you’re having a hard time being a good friend to yourself 

-when you want to find a quote that you can then text to a friend who’s down


Have you been having more hard days than not?  Might it be time to try therapy?  If you are a California resident and would like to work with me or to have me counsel your teen, please contact me, I’d love to hear from you. I have a psychotherapy office in midtown Sacramento, an office in El Dorado Hills, or I can provide tele-health through a secured platform.